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Hi, this Mary Jordan. This is my website...Sharing Mary Jordan's Thoughts. I have created over 60 pages of fun and "interesting" stuff. I hope you enjoy the web pages: Healthy Living, Business Marketing, and I Love Books. I have recently added forums. Please look and see what the "NEW" Topic is about. 


Everyday as "WE" All Awake every is DEFINITELY a Blessing from GOD....Life is wonderful.

I want to thank those that take a moment to visit "Sharing Mary Jordan's Thoughts"!

Life has been very busy over the years but very fun nevertheless!

I am very thankful for my wonderful and loving family! They make me smile every day.

I am also thankful for my pets: Bear, Molly, and Ginger! They always greet me with a smile each morning. They're always happy to go on a walk with me around our beautiful property, play fetch, or just sit on the porch with me and watch the hummingbirds and butterflies go by!

Sharing love and light........Have a smiley day today! 

May 11, 2012.......I have sold my salon.......

You're Simply Gorgeous Styling Salon 

511 North Hewitt Suite 2;  Hewitt Drive, Texas 76643.  

Through the years I have had a "Wonderful" time getting to know my clients or a "Better" word is "Friends". I'll  Miss Sharing  Recipes, Special News on a Family Member getting Married or Someone having Surgery, Hearing about someones Grandchild, Daughter or Son took his or First Steps to Independence, Special Occasions like Anniversaries or a Sweet 16 Parties, Hearing who just opened a business or moved a business, thoughts on HOW WE COULD CHANGE THE WORLD or just in our PART of the "woods" and "ESPECIALLY HOW SOMEONE "smiles" at you when you just told them how "gorgeous" they look"!  I'll MISS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU......You'll always be in my THOUGHTS and especially in my prayers...........Just remember we'll always wake up to "beautiful" sunsets and "beautiful" sunrises together and "beautiful" memories together.....................



       Donald John Trump was elected the 45th President Of The "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".

Mary Jordan's   "Philosophy"

Share Wonderful Memories with Family and Friends. To look my "Best", Eat Right, and A Positive Attitude. Throughout this Website, Sharing Knowledgeable Information Throughout The "World" !!! 

Everyday as you awake Always Remember to Touch someone's Heart with the warmth of your Kind Words! 

One day when I was driving on Highway 6 in Texas, I saw this horse in the pasture. I pulled over to the side of the road. I went to the fence line of where the horse was standing at. I watched the horse and took pictures of the beautiful pasture. Little by little, the horse came closer to me. He was hiding behind the trees while he peaked at me. I had my camera ready......I acted like I was taking a picture of the pasture, I aimed the camera at this smokey grey horse as he was peeking around the tree. The picture turned out great. One of my Favorites. 


   Before: Claudis Harris


     After: Claudis Harris



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        Having a "Smiley Day" with Mary Jordan.

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