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                100 Best Movies......

On this Page, I will be listing Movies Of All Time. For your viewing pleasure, where and how to buy a Television. For viewing your favorite movies, weblinks for Movie rentals or to watch FREE movies. Don't Forget the Recipe for the POPCORN

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                              Perfect PopCorn

Cook Time: 10 Minuets


3 Tbsp canola, peanut or grapeseed oil (high smoke point oil)                                                                                                    1/3cup of high quality popcorn kernels

1 3-quart covered saucepan

2 Tbsp or more (to taste) of butter


1. Heat the oil in a 3-quart saucepan on medium heat.

2. Put 3 or 4 popcorn kernels into the oil and cover the pan.

3. When the kernels pop, add the rest of the 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels an even layer. Cover, remove from heat and count 30 seconds. (Count out loud; it's fun to do with kids.) This method first heats the oil to the right temperature, then waiting 30 seconds brings all the other kerne to a near-popping temperature so that when they are put back on the heat, they all pop at about the same time.

4. return the pan to the heat. The popcorn should begin popping soon, and all at once. Once the popping starts in earnest, gently shake the pan by moving it back and forthover the burner. Try to keep the lid slightly ajar to let the steam from the popcorn release (the popcorn will be drier and crisper). Once the popping slows to several seconds between pops, remove from the heat, remove the lid, and pour the popcorn immediately into a wide bowl.

With this technique, nearly all of the kernels pop )I counted 4 unpopped kernels in my last batch0, and nothing burns.

5.If you are adding butter, you can melt it by placing the butter in the now empty, but hot pan.

6. Salt to taste.

Additional Tips:

A. If you add salt to the oil in the pan before popping, when the popcorn pops, the salt will be didtributed throughout the popcorn.

B. Fun toppings for your popcorn - Spanish smoked paprika, nutritional yeast, cayenne powder, chili pepper, curry powder, cumin, grated parmesan cheese.


Yields: Makes 2 quarts, a nice amount for two people, or for one one hungrey one.




This would be a perfect beverage for everyone in the family.

                             Hot Chocolate

1 Cup Water

2 Squares (2 ounces) unsweetened chocolate

1/3 cup Sugar

Dash Salt

4 Cups Milk

Whipped cream or marshmallows (optional)

In a saucepan combine water, chocolate, sugar, and salt. Cook and stir over medium-low heat till chocolate melts. Gradually stir in milk; heat just to boiling. Do not boil. Remove from heat; beat with a rotary beater till frothy. Serve in cups or mugs. Top each serving with a dollop of whipped cream or a few marshmallows, if desired.

Makes 6 (6-ounces) Servings

Coffee Chocolate: Prepare Hot Chocolate as above, except stir 2 Tablespoons instant coffee crystals into chocolate-water mixture before heating.


Spicey Chocolate: Prepare Hot Chocolate as above, except stie 1 Teaspoon ground cinnamon and 1/4 Teaspoon ground nutmeg into chocolate-water mixture before heating.


Here Is The List You Have Been Waiting For: 100 Best Movies.

Have FUN watching all the MOVIES Listed.....

1. Casablanca (1942), Dir. Michael Curtiz

2. The Godfather Part II (1974 ), Dir. Francis Ford Coppola

3. North By Northwest ( 1959 ), Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

4. Citizen Kane ( 1941 ), Dir. Orson Wales

5. Lawrence of Arabia ( 1962 ), Dir. David Lean

6. Manhattan ( 1979 ), Dir. Woody Allen

7. Gone With The Wind ( 1939 ), Dir. Victor Fleming

8. Chinatown ( 1974 ), Dir. Roman Polanski

9. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), Dir. John Ford

10. City Lights (1931), Dir. Charles Chaplin

11. Raging Bull (1980), Dir. Martin Scorsese

12. Sunset Boulevard (1950), Dir. Billy Wilder

13. 2001: Space Odyssey (1968), Dir. Stanley Kubrick

14. The Philadelphia Story (1940), Dir. George Cukor

15. To Have And Have Not (1944), Dir. Howard Hawks

16. The Graduate (1967), Dir. Mike Nichols

17. The Maltese Falcon (1941), Dir. John Huston

18. Star Wars (1977), Dir. George Lucas

19. It's A Wonderful Life (1946), Dir. Frank Capra

20. The Wild Bunch (1969), Dir. Sam Peckinpah

21. Vertigo (1958), Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

22. Singin' In The Rain (1952), Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly

23. The Godfather (1972), Dir. Francis Ford Coppola

24. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (1982), Dir. Steven Spielberg

25. The Palm Beach Story (1942), Dir. Preston Sturges

26. Blade Runner (1982), Dir. Ridley Scott

27. Double Indemnity (1944), Dir. Billy Wilder

28. The Manchurian Candidate (1962), Dir. John Frankenheimer

29. All About Eve (1950), Dir. Joseph Mankiewicz

30. The Searchers (1956), Dir. John Ford

31. Rear Window (1954), Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

32. Annie Hall (1977), Dir. Woody Allen

33. Ninotchka (1939), Dir. Ernst Lubitsch

34. Blue Velvet (1986), Dir. David Lynch

35. The Wizard Of Oz (1939), Dir. Victor Fleming

36. Bringing Up Baby (1938), Dir. Howard HawksKubrick

37. The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957), Dir. David Lean

38. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (1964), Dir. Stanley Kubrick

39. Pulp Fiction (1994), Dir. Quentin Tarantino

40. Some Like It Hot (1959), Dir. Billy Wilder

41. On The Waterfront (1954), Dir. Elia Kazan

42. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975), Dir. Milos Forman

43. Taxi Driver (1976), Dir. Martin Scorsese

44.Touch Of Evil (1958), Dir. Orson Welles

45. Nashville (1975), Dir. Robert Altman

46. Apocalypse Now (1979), Dir. Francis Ford Coppola

47. The Hustler (1961), Dir. Robert Rossen

48. The Big Sleep (1946), Dir. Howard Hawks

49. Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Dir. Arthur Penn

50. Unforgiven (1992), Dir. Clint Eastwood

51. Network (1976), Dir. Sidney Lumet

52. The Silence Of The Lambs (1991), Dir. Jonathan Demme

53. Jaws (1975), Dir. Steven Spielberg

54. The Deer Hunter (1978), Dir. Michael Cimino

55. Hannah And Her Sisters (1986), Dir. Woody Allen

56. Gunga Din (1939), Dir. George Stevens

57. Schindler's List (1993), Dir. Steven Spielberg

58. Hud (1963), Dir. Martin Ritt

59. The Third Man (1949), Dir. Carol Reed

60. Modern Times (1936), Dir. Charles Chaplin

61. Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981), Dir. Steven Spielberg

62. Red River (1948), Dir. Howard Hawks

63. The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Dir. Irvin Kershner

64. Hamlet (1948), Dir. Laurence Olivier

65. Notorious (1946), Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

66.A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), Dir. Elia Kazan

67. Last Tango In Paris (1972), Dir. Bernardo Bertolucci

68. Sweet Smell Of Success (1957), Dir. Alexander Mackendrick

69. Out Of The Past (1947), Dir. Jacques Tournier

70. All That Jazz (1979), Dir. Bob Fosse

71. Top Hat (1935), Dir. Mark Sandrich

72. The Misfits (1961), Dir. John Huston

73. Tootsie (1982), Dir. Sydney Pollack

74. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939), Dir. Frank Capra

75. Short Cuts (1993), Dir. Robert Altman

76. The Grapes Of Wrath (1940), Dir. John Ford

77.The Apartment (1969), Billy Wilder

78. A Clockwork Orange (1971), Dir. Stanley Kubrick

79. Psycho (1960), Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

80. Moonstruck (1987), Dir. Norman Jewison

81. GoodFellas (1990), Dir. Martin Scorsese

82. Stagecoach (1939), Dir. John Ford

83. The Last Picture Show (1971), Dir. Peter Bogdanovich

84. Die Hard (1988), Dir. John  McTiernan

85. Midnight Cowboy (1969), Dir. John Schlesinger

86. West Side Story (1961), Dir. Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins

87. The Quiet Man (1952), Dir. John Ford

88. Reds (1981), Dir. Warren Beatty

89. Rebels Without A Cause (1955), Dir. Nicholas Ray

90. A Hard Day's Night (1964), Dir. richard Lester

91. A Room With A View (1986), Dir. James Ivory

92. From Here To Eternity (1953), Dir. Fred Zinnemann

93. The Piano (1993), Dir. Jane Campion

94. Adam's Rib (1949), Dir. George Cukor

95. This Is Spinal Tap (1984), Dir. Rob Reiner

96. It Happened One Night (1934), Dir. Frank Capra

97. Do The Right Thing (1989), Dir. Spike Lee

98. The Thin Man (1934), Dir. W.S. Van Dyke

99. Patton (1970), Dir. Franklin Schaffner

100. The Terminator (1984), Dir. James Cameron

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