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Small Towns are "Great" !!!

Posted by Mary Jordan on January 10, 2014 at 11:10 PM

Small Towns are great to live in. 

The people are friendly, kind, and always have a "Smile" for you when they see "You".

Towns are are full of excitement. 

It's fun to go to a local sports game from a small town, small children, grade school or teen agers will play soccer, softball, baseball, hockey,  basketball, football, swimmiming, track or cross country running.

Tasting homemade pies, chili pie, hamburgers, hotdogs, cotton candy or homemade ice cream at the games. Cheering for your favorite sports player. Secretly wanting both sides to win the game. Because you would like both sides to be the winner.

At the local restaurants, there are always friendly face and interesting conversations. Finding out who got married on Saturday, Opened a business on the square, Mr. and Mrs. Brown 65th Anniversary or Mrs. Smith shared her award winning recipe of Cherry Pie handed down from her grandmother.

Its always a treat to dine in a small town.

Some of the local businesses will have a one of a kind outfit...a wrap a round skirt,  blue jean with leather fringe around the seams and length of skirt, western cut blazer with leather fringe on yolk and arms of jacket.

Matching blue jean purse with leather fringe and rhinestones on front of purse.

The seamtresess of small towns with custom make "Your" an item of your liking.

Driving around the countryside is "Amazing". 

The wildflowers of sunflowers, blue bonnets or indian blankets are just gorgeous.

Butterflies, grasshoppers, bees, dragonflies, birds are everywhere. Have your camera or video ready to capture that special moment. That moment will last a lifetime whenever you think about your visit in a small town.

As you pass by acres and acres of land, knowing that the land was passed down from generation to generation. Knowing that all the family sacificed so much for their children, to have a happy home with love in every room. Loving memories each family member holds in her or his heart till eternity.

Looking at the old barns will warm your heart. Just knowing a family built that barn with their own hands. You can imagine sweat rolling down their faces and the hot sun beating against their face and hair. Day after day, the family worked togther to have a barn for their horses, cows, or sheep.

Working in fields from morning to night. Planting corn, wheat, cotton, or having a vegetables in the gardens.

Going to the church picnic with your fresh vegetables and homemade carrot cake or fudge or tripple layer chocolate cake. 

Children to Adults will remember everything in a small town, they'll remember friendships, smiles, laughter, hugs, and especially remember that homemade strawberry ice cream.

This blog was written by Mary Jordan

Thank You for reading with family and friends.                                                                                                                      On     you'll find information on Traveling; Entertaining Guests, Business Marketing, Enchanted Crafts, Your Loving Home, Your Loving Home......everything to know about of family and happiness.

P.S. I live in a "Small Town". It makes me have a "SMILEY" face to know I live in "Small Town". 

Each person is  so "Special" to me. Just thinking of all the people, smiles, laughter, children and all the hard working Men, Women and Children makes me "HAPPY" I live in a "Small Town".   

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