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Mary Jordan
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I want to go to Madrid, Spain !

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Mary Jordan
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Madrid, Spain here "I" come. Population: 3.165 Million People.

Weather on March 10, 2017 is 55 Degrees.

16 Hours Flight.

Popular times to go: September thru November, March thru May. Off Season: June thru August, December thru January...Very Cold.

Hotels: Regina, Hotel Quatro Puerta Del Sol, Vincci Via 66, Hotel Atlantico Madrid.

Restaurants: Casa 9, Restaurantee La Mi Venta, The Market Madrid, Eiffel, Algarabia, Alright.

Shopping: Chueca, Salamanca District, El Rastro (Flea Market), Principe Pio, Madrid Xanadu.

Things to do for FREE: 

Prado Museum: Free visit Tuesday thru Sunday from 6pm-8pm and Sundays from 5pm - 8pm.

Rein Sofia Museum: Free visit Monday thru Friday from 7pm thru 9pm or Saturday 2:30 pm thru 9pm or Sunday from 10:00 am thru 2:30pm.

Walk around Madrid Royal Palace.

El Rastro.

Remember: To keep your PASSPORT IN A SAFE PLACE. Get in advance Travelers Checks, Tell your family all of your Travel Plans. BEWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Most of all have a Fun Vacation, take lots of Pictures and Video all your surprises of Madrid, Spain.

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