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Their are several ways to market your business.

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Remember to follow your dreams and follow your heart.......Best of "wishes and luck"........Mary Jordan.


First, think of a business that you would like to be a part of on your own. You can be a part of a franchise. Their are several franchises here in the United States and globally. If you don't want to be a part of a franchise, you can work from your home, or you could have a business in your city. Working from home means you can be with your family more. In order to have a successful business you must keep your business separate from your home. Children need to know that mother or father will be ordering supplies or networking with other businesses. Children do not need to disturb parents while they are working.   

You can run your home business from your kitchen table, attic, garage or spare bedroom.

You may like to rent/ lease or buy your building for your business.

If you would like, you may have several items to sell; things like golf clubs, dishes, apparel, car parts. a baby crib, etc.

Their are several auction websites to sell your merchandise or where you can buy merchandise. 

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Entrepreners are worldwide, working from their homes or businesses.     is great web site to go to about Entrepreneurs like yourself. This website or their Magazine is great to view. It will help your  ideas that  you have,it will help you make them become real to you and the world.

1. Remember to pick a business that you'll enjoy. You'll be spending a lot of time promoting your business.

2. If you would like a home based business, call your local county office and ask about the zoning laws of your town or city.The staff would be very helpful.

3. Go down to local county office and register your business name. It is good for Ten years. Pick a name that people will remember.

4. You'll need a Tax ID Number. If you would like to sell merchandise. Your local clerk will help you. Keep your Tax ID Number in a very safe place. Remember ask the staff several questions that will help you with your business.

5. Now that you have registered your business name, your ready to open an merchant account. So go down to your local bank,open a merchant account. You'll need your assumed name paperwork with you when opening your merchant account. You can apply for a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express credit card machine. If you would like, you could purchase your credit card machine outright. This would save you alot of money,monthly. Order your Merchant Checks, Business Credit Card and Debit Card for your Business.

5. Remember To Make a DEPOSIT into your Business Account DAILY, even if it's 1 DOLLAR. It all ADDS UP at the end of the DAY, WEEK or MONTH. It Makes a BIG Difference at the End of the Year.

6. Investigate your business insurance coverage. The staff of the insurance company you choose will go over coverages that are available for your business. So ask a lot of questions.

7. Now start thinking of ways that you can promote your business. You can print up fliers, banners, business cards, business phone number,get involved in local clubs, TV, web site, billboards, coupons, attend tradeshows or guest exhibitor.

8. You would like to review your accounting abilities. You may like to visit a professional accountant for your tax assistance. It's a good idea to keep up with your expenditures.  You can find information on bookkeeping skills in books. You could also find information on the internet.     

9. I will be listing several that you start at home. Parties for children, hot tub maintenance, pool cleaning, gift baskets, junk removal, interior for children, garden sheds, mail order, custom sewing entrepreneur, cart vending, organizing homes or offices, detailing boats or cars, there hundreds of businesses to choose from.

Remember to:  Pick out a business that you love to do because you will be spending a lot of time working at your business.



Make a list:

1.  Find out about local zoning laws, call your town office and county clerk's office.

2.  Get a business licence. Go to the county clerk's office and register your name. 

3.  Comptroller office: If you would to sell merchandise. You need a Tax ID. Number.

4.  Investigate your insurance coverage.

5.  Open up a merchant account for business. For home business, your business in the town or city.

6. Accountant or C.P.A. for your business,is good for keeping up with the business finances.

6a. Have your Business ledger filled out daily. It is to hard to go back 3 months later and try to fill out your business ledger.

6c. Have Business File Box for all your Business Receipes and your Business Bills.

6d. Remember you can not expect to turn in bills for personal shopping like: Home Stove, You Painted Your Personal Home or Bought a Bedroom Suite for your Grand-Mother. The I.R.S. will AUDIT your Business if they see fit. So have all your Business Receipt and Business Bills in Order.

6e. Remember To Pay your Business BILLS Before the DUE DATE.

EXAMPLE: If your Business Bill is Due on March 15 th. of the Month, Mail your Business Bill on the 10th. of Month. It isn't GOOD practice to have your Business Bill LATE. It is NOT GOOD for your CREDIT HISTORY.

6f. Having Your Business Checks, ATM's Credit Card Account Bounce Can Be VERY BAD. The Insufficient Charge may Cost Your Business $35.00 for Each Debit. It may Cost Your Business $35.00 Dollars EACH for a Check or ATM or Credit Card that was Written. Example: You bought Business Phone for $50.00. But since your Business Account  had an Overdraft there was extra Charge of $35.00. Banks may Charge up to 10 times on a Check, ATM, Credit Card Debit. So your $50.00 Dollars for Business Phone Could COST YOU $ 350.00 EXTRA. If other Debts were going out of your account the $35.00 Charge could Cost Your Business $1000.00s. So Remember to do your Business Expense Ledger DAILY.

When opening your Business account or when your visiting your Business bank. Ask for for their Banking Policies for Business Accounts and Saving Accounts. This Information will you with your Business.

6g. Call or Handwrite or Call Customer Service and ASK IF you Can Pay Your  Business BILLS on The Latest Day Possible of the Month. Your using the Same Amount of Money. Pay Your Business Bills on the 1st of the Month or Pay Your Business Bills on the 2nd of Month. It HELPS your CREDIT SCORE. Usually Payment Agencies like a HAND WRITTEN STATEMENT. They This on FILE. 

6g. Remember To OPEN a Savings Account for Your Business. If your Business Checking Account is LOW with FUNDS. Your Savings Account Deposits or Credit can HELP Your Business.

Saving $20.00, $50.00, $100.00,$1000.00. Make a HABIT to SAVE MONEY. When you have x amount Money SAVED You Can INVEST Your Funds.      

7.  Remember file your Income Tax at the end of every year.

8.  Develop ways to help the public know your business. Print up fliers, business cards, banners, Advertise on the websites, local newspapers, local TV, cable, coupons or trade shows.



 When thinking of getting the word out for your Business, you may want to check Social Working Websites Like:

Remember to JOIN Forums for Social Media Networking Websites like: 


Another GREAT Business Fanpage to JOIN :                    


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Blog Marketing or Having a Business WebSite. You can tell the public about your Business, Events, Sales, Having a Community Picknic.      This my WebSite, I like to tell the Public Globally of WebLinks to other WebSites that I found. Sharing Information on News, Healthy Living, Jobs, Job Board (Where you can work from and Make MONEY), U.S. Government, Wondering Minds, Sharing Knowledge, Business Marketing, Photo's, Salon, Per/Bus Financing, Ocean, Animals, Cooking, Fast Cars, Entertaining Guests, Traveling, 100 Best Movies, Technology, World Facts, The Scented Garden, My Enchanted Crafts, What's Up Doc, Your Loving Home & Wondering Minds. I'm adding more Information all the time. I would like my website to be SHARED BY MILLIONS ALL OVER THE GLOBE. I would like to HELP other people in NEED. Letting each person, Man or Women to walk away with more Laughter, Fun, Photo's, and so much more Knowledge than they had a minuet before they visited  Sharing Mary Jordan's Thoughts







When picking out your business cards, make sure that their like a mini billboard. They LOOK professional, A mini descriptive summary of what your business service is or sells to the public. Remember: Add your Business Number, Business Name & Address, E-Mail, Web Site and Summary of Business. Pick out a Bright Color like Orange, Yellow or Neon Colors. Your Business Cards NEEDS to Stand Out from the rest of the Business Cards, the Competition. Remember to PASS your Business Cards out to EVERYONE YOU SEE, Like: Banks, Schools, Walmart, Dept. Stores, Grocery Stores, Restaurants ECT.....        Find out FREE Advertisement on the INTERNET LIKE:   Go to the Business Marketing Page.




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           is a FREE online service that connects small-business owners with volunteer business mentors run by Mercy Corps, a nonprofit humanitarian agency. This web site has more than 3,500 entrepreneurs and 2,600 business mentors enrolled, and it has made more than 2,250 matches. Volunteer mentors can also sign up on the web site-and there are dividends.



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            This social media dashboard lets you coordinate and keep track of company-wide tweets, monitor mentions of your brand or company on almost any social networking platform and even reports the results of your efforts in real time. Hootie if FREE, but Hootsuite Pro costs $5.99 per month.



             This tool allows you to create a social network within your business. Employees can collaborate on wikis, create polls, monitor status updates and collaborate and comment on social documents. Cubetree is FREE, though an enterprise service allows 1GB of storage per user and costs $5.00 per month.

             This stand- alone application coordinates a team of tweeters writing on one corporate account. Essential for companies that want to speak with a unified voice through a single Twitter handle or companies that want 24/7 social media engagement.

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