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          Florida, The Sunshine State

On this Page, I will list Facts, Restaurants, Shopping, Photos, Beaches, Businesses and all kinds of attractions for Florida. I met several people in Florida, they were very kind and GREAT to talk to.

When I was a child I grew up in the State of Florida.

I can remember after church on Sunday, we as children would jump in our swimming suits with towels and fly  to the car. My mother would go to the car and tell us to get out of the car that we're not ready to go the beach, yet. We would scoot out of the car, go to the house and make sandwiches and find the ice chests, fill it with ice and drinks.

 Can't forget about the snacks. We would want to take chocolate bars, cookies or cake. My mother would pack fresh fruit, instead. Towels, food, drinks, suntan lotion would finally be ready to go to the beach. We all couldn't wait to see the beaches.

First, when we would get close, we couldn't see the water yet, but you could smell the salt water in the air. The seagulls would be flying over the shoreline or sea.

 We would finally park the car and pile out. I can remember running fast as I could to the water. I always forgot my tennis shoes. I would burn the bottoms of my feet trying to get to the water. The water was cool to my feet and the sand was hot, hot, hot.  

My sister and I would make sand castles and run along the shoreline. My brothers would would go surfing into the water. We would watch the boys get on top of the water. It seemed to reach for the heavens. Like you could touch the clouds. We also liked collecting the shells.

 Sometimes you could find money, jewerly or watches. You knew it was time to go home, the sun was starting to go down. We packed the coolers, chairs, wet towels and the extra bags with all the goodies in them. We we're all exhausted from having to much fun. I almost forgot we would write our names into the sand. I will never forget growing up in Florida.



The capital of Florida is Tallahassee.

Florida's State Symbols:

Flower: Orange Blossoms (1909)

Bird: Mockingbird (1927)

Song: "Suwannee River" (1935)

Organized as territory: March 30,1821.

Entered Union Rank: March 3, 1845 (27)

Present constitution adopted : 1969

Motto: In god we trust (1868)

Nickname: Sunshine State (1970)

Land Area: 53,927 sq mi. (139,671 sq km)

Geographic center: In Hernanando Co., 12 mi. NNW of Brooksville.                                                                                   

 Number of Counties: 67

State Forests: 31 (more than 890,000 ac.)

State Parks: 159 (over 723,000+ ac.)

Residents: Floridian, Floridan


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