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                Global Peace


On This Page You'll Find Information On Global Peace. Let's Be Loving To One Another, Care About Our Neighbors, Give Thanks To The Lord EveryDay Of Our Lives.......




What does Global Peace mean to you and your family??? 

Global Peace is a symbolic meaning........We all across the world, let's not have anymore wars. If we are american, red, yellow, black and white let's be kinder to one another and give a helping hand to one another.

Always think of "Happy" thoughts.

Always "Smile" throughout the day.

Have a dinner, and invite family and friends over to your home and share a meal together. That would be a perfect time to prepare a different recipe. Like Spicy shrimp stir-fry or oatmeal raisin cookie cupcakes.

Have a toga party.

Have a masquerade party.

Do not hold a grudge in your heart. All this does give you a headache or a stomach ache. Don't have resentment and hostility it can become apart of your personality. Psychologically, physically and is good for your health to be happy. You will live longer and have a more prosperous life. 

Change one your faults. Only you truly know what your fault is. No one but you.


Praise yourself for doing a good job. Praise your children, like when he or she makes an A on their report card or they help out with the chores around the house.

Go ANGER Management classes if you think you can not cope with your ANGER. Being Angry to your Family and Friends is not good for heart. You may have heart attack or have high blood pressure.


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