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        Healthy Pregnancy



 Healthy Pregnancy begins with "Positive" Thinking. A child would give the parents happiness, smiles, empathy, creativity, love, understanding and new beginnings around every corner.


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There are several things you need to know as a new mother, you need to know about being "Pregnant"

 1. Signs of Pregnancy.

  2. Your Healthiest Weight

  3. Choosing a Name

  4. Myths About Pregnancy

  5. Labor: What to Expect

  6. Is Hair Dye "Safe"

  7. Vaccines and Pregnancy

  8. Inducing Labor

  9. Nutrition and Fitness

  10. Due Date Calculator

   11. Labor: What to Expect

   12. Alcohol and Pregnancy

   13. Prepping and Pregnancy

   14. Getting Pregnant Faster

   15. Pregnancy and Your Sex Life


   8 Early Signs of "Pregnancy"

  1. Fatigue- Extreme unexplainable tiredness. When your cleaning the house or shopping, you feel you need to sit down and rest. Your energy seems to vanish in thin air. You feel like you need to lay down and being wrapped up in your favorite blanket and read your favorite book. Don't consume excessive caffeine if you think your 'Pregnant'. Listen to your body, your body knows best.

 2. Food Aversions- If opening the refrigerator  or walking past a fish market makes you want to gag or nausea

 3. Sensitivity to Smells- Smelling your husband's or boyfriend's cologne or cigarettes, cigars smoke can make feel queasy. The rising hormones in your body are getting higher.

 4. Nausea and Vomiting- First Trimester or 19 weeks, you may feel some nausea in the mornings. Having crackers, lemon or peppermints by your night table will help you feel less nausea . Rising hormones levels in your body are starting the growth of your unborn child. Expectant "Mother's" need to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Do "NOT" let your stomach get "EMPTY".

Prenatal vitamins can make you feel nausea or queasy on an empty stomach. You may want to take prenatal vitamins at dinner or at bedtime.

 5. Breast Swelling a Tenderness- Your breasts may feel tender to the touch.

 Purchasing a sports bra or purchasing a "new" bra would give you more support.

 6. Frequent Urination: In early pregnancy the uterus grows and pushes the bladder, making the pregnant women have to urinate. Going to the restroom prier to shopping, gardening, traveling,  or sleeping will help you feel better. Trying to find a restroom is very uncomfortable for you. You may need to carry an extra pair of clothing in case an accident occurs.

 7. Shortness of Breath: Due to growing embryo, yo will need more oxygen. Feeling shortness of breath, while shopping for several hours. You'll the need to sit down and rest. Relaxing your back, legs and feet will make you feel refreshed. Wearing comfortable shoes and drinkings lots of water. Limit your caffeine through the day.

 8. When you feel you may be pregnant, make an appointment with your doctor. A clinician can identify during a pelvic exam. There are color changes and change in texture or softness in the cervix. Going to your doctor yearly is good for your health.

Having a healthy body and a positive healthy mind is the key to "longevity'' and having a "Healthy Pregnancy".

   10 "Questions" to ask your "Doctor" about "Pregnancy".

 Becoming "Pregnant" you will need to ask several question on being "Pregnant". Making a list of questions will help "you" know about a "healthy" pregnancy.

 1. How often will I need to see a doctor are there other specialists I will need to see? Depending on your family history.

 2. When is my baby due ? 

 3. How much weight should I gain ? 

 4. What pre-natal vitamins should I take ? 

 5. How physically active should I be ?

 6. Under what circumstances should I call you right away ?

 7. Given my family history are there special genetic tests you think I should have.

 8. What are my primary health concerns during pregnancy.

 9. Can you give me a list of medications i can and con not use while being pregnant.

 10. What should I and should not "eat" while being "pregnant"

         Seven "MOST" Embarrassing

          Pregnancy Symptoms


  2.Hair growth on your belly

  3. Belching

  4. Excess Gas

  5. Hemorrhoids

  6. Constipation

  7. An increased vaginal discharge 

        Alcohol and Pregnancy 

 During your "Pregnancy" everything you put in your body effects  your unborn baby. Meals that are spicy or bland, desserts, drinking milk, water, carbonated beverages, alcohol, your unborn baby will be effected by everything you consume. Exercising is good for an healthy pregnancy. Exercising daily or weekly and planning a healthy meal is good for your unborn baby.

The most "IMPORTANT" thing you can do for your unborn baby is to have "NO" part in Alcohol or drugs of any kind.

Affect your unborn babies size being a premature.

Affect the lungs, heart, how his or brain works.

Causing life long emotional, learning, physical problems for your child.

Using alcohol, drugs like cocaine, meth., is not safe for you or your unborn baby. Any type of drugs can kill your baby, deformaty of his or her arms, legs or body.

There is never a good time to use "DRUGS", before a pregnancy or after a pregnancy. Drugs and Alcohol can hurt your unborn child in the the first days of being pregnant, mentally and physically.

Talking to your doctor, you can find out what over the counter drugs you may take. Even supplements can hurt your unborn baby while being pregnant. Write a list down of over the counter and supplements. Your doctor can tell you which over the counter or supplements you can take safely for you and your unborn baby.

Alcohol and Drugs affect your unborn baby in many ways.

Can cause stillborn, seizures, miscarriage, hallucinations, preclampsia, breathing problems, memory problems, being deformed, low birth weight, fetal alcohol syndrome, intellectual disability.

Give your unborn child a helping hand through his or her life by being "Healthy, Understanding, Creativity, Generosity, Empathy, Love, Joy, Peace, Intelligent Mind and Body, Unity, The Love of Knowledge, Positive "Thinking" and to "Always" have a "Kind Heart" towards mankind. Having the love of his family always by his or her side, through all his or her endeavors that he or she tries to pursue in life. 

          Baby Names

Naming your child is an "Special" event. You may have a favorite Aunt or Uncle or grand-mother, naming after mother or dad, or naming after a favorite author, actress, actor, best friend. What ever name you may choose it will make your "Heart" warm every time you hear it.  

 Girl Names: 

 Alyssia, Samantha, Riley, Mia, Zoe, Emily            Chloe, Madelyn, Ruby, Sadie, Aria, Harper,          Jasmine, Molly, Lauren, Sydney, Hannah              Claire, Peyton, Maria, Elianna, Alice, Jamie         Ella, Bailey, Nora, Sarah, Leah, Grace, Elena        Victoria, Alexandria, Julia, Violet, Reagan,          Addison, Kayla, Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Ava          Lily, London, Bella, Maria, Alaina, Stella, Lucy     Audrey, Lillian, Mila, Adeline, Jordyn, Gianna       Sophie, Alice, Ellie, Anna, Evelyn, Maya, Annabelle, Kennedy, Liliana, Allison, Keira           Makayla, Gabriella, Kylie, Elizabeth, Camilla        Penelope, Callie, Taylor, Lila, Arianna, Emily       Mackenzie, Adalyn, Charlie, Isabella, Katlyn         Scarlet, Natalie, Alexis, Hailey, Kaylee, Avery      Amelia, Charlotte, Aubrey, Abigail, Madison        Layla, Emily, Mary, Skylar, Juliana, Caroline        Vivian

 Boy Names: 

Benjamin, James, Alexander, Hunter, Christain,    Wyatt, Samuel, Alex, Cooper, Miles, Parker, Leo, Jordan, Colin, Lan, Caleb, Gavin, Landon, Eli, Caden, Andrew, Nathan, Dylan, Isaac, Owen, Max, Michael, Logan, Jackson, Ryan, Charlie, David, Joseph, Xavier, Tristen, Chase, Blake       Logan, Jack, Austin, Nolan, Carson, Jason, Mason, Lucas, Noah, Liam, Jake, Riley, Brody, Anthony, Dominic, John, Colten, Elijah, Connor, Jonathon, Levi, Adam, Asher, Landon, Gabriel, Jacob, Grayson, Dedan, Henry, William, Luke, Sebastian, Evan, Cameron, Olivier, Danny, Mathew, Jayce, Braden, Micah, Cole, Nicholas, Mateo, Joshua, Jeremiah, Elliot, Julian, Carter, Isaiah, Aaron, Tyler, Zachery, Thomas, Carter, Lincoln, Josiah, Nathaniel, Bentley, Christopher, Ethan, Jayden




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