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I will be helping you with: Everyday solutions for problems  around your home, office, garage  and everyday life.

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 Wooden roof shingles: The old ones don't match. Before installing shingles to your roof of your house, mix half of a pound of baking soda in 1 gallon of water. Pour the soda mixture onto the wooden shingles. Shingles must dry for a few hours. The solution will darken the wood or age enough, the shingles that was treated will fit in better with the rest of your roof. Be careful, while you working on the roof. Be careful with the ladder,also


My eyeglasses, the stem broke. Make a temporary repair with a toothpick or a twig. Position toothpick or twig as a splint, wrap booth pieces with duct tape. This is good for a short while, until you can go an eyeglass repair shop


This morning I saw some ants or some small bugs in the house or garage. You can go to tractor supply or gardening shop, purchase the highest percent seven dust you can get. In your kitchen, eagle brand milk. Mix seven dust and eagle milk together,mix  into a thick paste. You can mixture to small balls and place balls under stove, washer dryer or your garage, attic ect... You can also, place under cabinets. Place some mixture on a cloth or  finger(Remember to wear gloves). Place into the cracks, underneath cabinets. This mixture is not messy. This solution can save you lots of MONEY. You wouldn't have to call the  Pest Control People so often.   REMEMBER: DO NOT PLACE MIXTURE AROUND ANY SMALL CHILDREN or  ANIMALS, IT COULD HARM CHILDREN OR ANIMALS

I washed a some laundry and can't seem to keep up with the lost buttons. laundry room bulletin board, is great for keeping up with buttons. Use a sewing pin or small nail, place buttons or other items  for quick repairs,  in a small plastic bag. The bulletin is great for: Hanging tags on. Items that to be washed  in delicate cycle or hot water. Washing and drying instructions for your favorite apparel. You can also place on bulletin board, missing socks

I placed the key into the doorknob and bent the key. What do I do now? You can straighten the key with a vise.  If you do not have a vise, a hammer is the best next thing. Place the key between two pieces of boards and hitting it with hammer. This will straighten the key. Once you have gotten into your home or office, get your backup key. Remember to throw away your bent key. Go to hardware store and have a NEW one made. Maybe you would like two made. Store in a SAFE PLACE. NEVER store key under your doormat or over the door


The paint on the wall  in my living room,kitchen, office looks dingy. I replaced the picture on the wall. I noticed the paint wasn't as bright as before. The walls could need washing with soap or water or if you  have been smoking in your house or office. Painting your walls with vibrant colors will help you feel, happy


I looked into my freezer, the freezer was frosted up. What do I do now?? REMEMBER TO: Turn off your freezer or unplug freezer from wall, FIRST. Your portable hair dryer will help to defrost freezer. Direct heat to the frost or ice. With your cloth, wipe the melting water up. Put excess water into small bucket. NEVER: stab hard ice with knife, it could harm your freezer walls or burst a tube, letting  coolant escape. This could very DANGEROUS or  EXPENSIVE. So be very careful while you are defrosting your freezer


Killing Paint Odor of Fresh Paint: There is no need to smell fresh paint when you have been decorating around the house. As soon as you put away your painting equipment, cut an onion in half and place the two halfs in different parts of the room. Within a day or two, the onion will have absorbed the paint smell. Remember: You will need several onions, depending on how many rooms you have painted.

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