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On this page, there is going to have Information on American History, Ancient History, Ancient Egypt History, Science History, Ancient Rome, Army History, Navel History, Hurricanes, Philosophers and so much MORE...        welcome to the site for the great Philosophers. Here you will find information on some of the greatest Philosophers the World has ever known.             Lists of Philosophers - Wikipedia.       Institution for scientific research and education, with collections of more than 32 million specimens and artifacts. Include's visitors guide, collection detail...           History of Science.         Colonial williamburg Official History Site.              TV Shows, Games, Videos.            A portal created for students, history educators, and general history enthusiasts. Sites are rated for usefulness and accuring, that will help students or teachers in...            Informative website foccusing on American history from the Colonial Period to present day. many online exhibits include timelines, photographs and famous speeches.            Today in history and Birthdays. Find out what happened and who was born on this day in history. Events and birthdays for each day of the year.            from the worlds largest history magazine publisher. Explore world, us history, war, military history, civil war and more !!!             American History, World History. Special sections on American Wars, American Presidential Elections, Civic...                The French and Indian War (1754-1763), Prerevoltionary America (1763-1776), The american Revoltionary  (1754-1781), Declaration Of Independence (1776).            First hand account, illustrated with vintage photo's, original radio broadcasts.            history articles, birthdays, and today in History. our archives contain important and famous events, birthdays and deaths from 6,000 years of History.         July 6, 2011 Documents and preserves the agencys remarkable history through a variety of publications & newsletters.       Explore history with the BBC from Egtpians to the World Wars. Browse through timelines and articles, read biographies, play games, and watch programs.            The Worlds largest History musceum for the preservation and presentation of articles and stories of the information of articles and stories of the Informatiom age located in the Silicon Valley.    Ancient Civilations: Science & Technology Index.         Engineering, science, technology in ancient egypt and it impact on today's science and technology.                 Egypt: science, math, and technology - classical history.                Ancient Chinese Technology.          Science in ancient Rome. Science in ancient Rome was about Engineering, Ship Building, Architecture, Medicine, Plant Life, City Planning which included Transportation and.... Archoeologists, excavating Portus - the ancient part of Rome, believe they have discoverd a large Roman shipyard. The team has uncovered the remains of a massive.....           Contains narritive world history and interactive world history timelines.           U.S. Army Center of Military History.            Naval History and heitage command - HOME PAGE...WElcome !!!         Airforce History.            United States Marine Corps History Division.          U.S. Coast Guard Historians Office Official Website.

U.S. Coast Guard Was Founded: August 7,1790.


U.S. Army Was Founded: 1775.


U.S. Marines Was Founded: 1775.


U.S. Navel Was Founded October 13, 1775.


U.S. Air forces Was Founded: September 18, 1947.                 Central North Pacific Hurrican History ( 1800 - Present ).                  Jordan, 91 Bulls fully wear the crown the Bulls drafted michael jordan in 1984, but it wasn't until 7 years later that he finally led Chicago to the top of the NBA.

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