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Tips on Getting Hired by an EMPLOYER.Sharing Mary Jordan's Thoughts

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When you have an interview, Remember to:

Men: Shower (Wash Hair/Condition) , Shave, Brush Teeth, Gargle With Mouthwash, Freshly Cut Hair, Freshly Pressed Clothes. Example: Button Down Shirt, Slacks, Belt. Remember tuck your shirt in. If you tattoos on your arms, wear a long sleeve shirt. If you have piercing Remember to take them out.

Women: Shower (Wash Hair/Condition) ,Shave, Brush Teeth, gargle With Mouthwash, Style hair, Apply Makeup Lightly, Press Dress or Skirt or Slacks. Remember your Skirt needs to be TWO Inches above knee. Blouse needs to be , NOT FLIRTY. If you have tattoos, wear a long sleeve blouse or Slacks.


Remember to: When Interviewing: 


Sit up straight, look the interviewer in the eye while you are talking to him or her. Answer questions with CLEAR ANSWERS.

Be attentive to conversation. Talk through a SMILE! Do NOT TALK in a MEAN MANNER, BE POLITE.

Confidence, Being Assertive and Positive Thinking is what it takes to Land a JOB. 

Remember To: Tell Interviewer that you would be the person for the JOB and to THANK HIM OR HER FOR THE INTERVIEW!


Follow Up: Remember to Call Manager, Assistant Manager or Owner of Business up the following day to see if you have the JOB. You may have to call DAILY.

*When sending out your resume, always make sure the Business has received it. Talk to the Business owner or manager or Assistant manager. Make sure your Resume is Type Written NOT Hand Written.

*Letter Of Reference.

You may like to turn your Resume to an Temp Agency. The Agency may take a percentage of your paycheck. Talk to Agency before getting Hired, so you will know how they handle the Jobs and how you get Paid Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

Union Worker: American worker who are members of unions earn significantly more per hour than their counterparts, according to a report from the Bureau of labor Statistics.  

When you are HIRED for the JOB.


Go to JOB at appointed TIME. Do not arrive at JOB: LATE. 

If you are ILL, have a written DOCTORS Slip.

Do not come to work under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs.

Do not lose your TEMPER with Clients, Co-workers, Manager or Owner.



 When Arriving To Work, DAILY: Always LOOK YOUR BEST, Confidence, Make Friends, Positive Thinking and SMILE.



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