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 Let's Live Happy Lives..






  On This Page You'll Learn About Being Happy.


Ask Yourself These Questions???


When I wake up in the Morning I am HAPPY or am I SAD??

Do I GO to CHURCH???

Do I Visit my Family and Friends Regularly.

Do I NEED To Exercise ?? Am I...10, 15, 20 or 100 Pounds Overweight??

Do GET Angry Easily??

Do I  NEED a Vacation.....Just 1 Weekend.....Just 2 Weeks or Longer??

Do I LIKE  or LOVE My JOB???


I have THOUGHT of Several Things You can Do To Make You and Your Family HAPPY.   

Thinking of Positive Thoughts.... Give Your Mother or Best Friend a HUG!


Help CLEAN up your Community. 

Rollerblade Around Your Neighborhood.... Skating Around Into Circles....Have A Race With A Child.   

Say HELLO to Someone Next To You....Grocery Store....Church....Bookstore.   

Help with A Homeless Shelter.  

Paint On Glass Like An Old Paneled Window....Moose Drinking In A Brook or Paint a Scene With Rabbits Playing In Tall Grass.  


Learn a NEW language.  

Put a Card or a Note Under Your Partner Pillow...That Says I LOVE YOU.   


SAVE $20.00 Weekly. 

Invite a Friend To Cook Dinner With You.  

Learn How To Swim.  

Go Hiking with your Sister, Brother or Best Friend.  

Tell Your Neighbor or Family Member That Your SORRY.  

Go to Bed HAPPY.....No Angry Thoughts On Your MIND.  

Go On a Field Trip With Children.  

Make Home Made Ice cream. 

Sign Up For A Cooking Class.  

Visit a Nursing Home, Weekly. 

Have A Family Day With Your Children...Make Peanut Butter Cookies  Together or Go See A Children Play Together. 

Buy a Blank Journal...You have been thinking of a "Business" you can start. Go to     GO to the Business Marketing Page and Read the Whole Page. This Page will help you Start a New Business for your Family and Friends. Let's Start Today.   

When your traveling to work, grocery shopping, park or the movies. Sing a song with Family and Friends. The singing will pick up your spirits and have a positive outlook on "LIFE".    

When your angry at a family member, friend or someone you work with, walk away and clear your thoughts. Saying something in anger will only hurt you in the long run. When your angry at someone, and you may say something that your not proud of. When you cool down you both can come with agreeable solutions. At the end of the day you both can still friends and have a Bar-B-Que together.   

You may know someone who needs older women or man. You can him or her mowing their lawn or go grocery shopping for them.    

Go to sleep early enough so you can have plenty of rest. 8 or 10 hours of is good for you. Children may need to sleep 10 hours to feel rested.    

Bake chocolate cookies, give them to a co-worker who is grouchy. All he or she may need is a friend.   

Pack the car or truck and go for a short vacation. Camp at a lake. Drive 50 to 100 miles away from your home and visit a small town. The small towns have lots of history there. Meeting new people and tasting new food is good too.  

Visiting Museums are wonderful. See if there is one in your area. Great for family and friends.   

Call up your neighbor....take a pottery class together.   

Learn a new language.  

 Take an exercise class weekly. You will better about yourself.  



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