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When  I was a child, I LOVED crafts. Everything about crafts was GREAT!! The Glue, Pencil, yarn, scissors, paper... the list is endless. You could create almost anything you wanted. It might of not looked so good but, to me it was pretty wonderful.

Now that I'm an adult, when I'm in a craft store, I want to spend HOURS there. Just thinking of all the possibilities that I could come up with.

You can research some crafts for ideas on the Internet, Books, Magazines, Shopping Centers, you can find an idea at your friends Home or their Garden. Looking on the internet, you may like to research crafts that was designed in 1950's or 1776 or 2011.

Crafts can be created by anyone: Children, Mothers, Fathers, Cousins, Aunts, Sisters, Brothers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Uncles or your Very Best Friend.

REMEMBER: Crafts doesn't have to be PERFECT !!!



Remembering someone SPECIAL...

If you have some items from your Grandmothers or your Aunt's, you could make windowbox. You could go to your local hobby store. EXAMPLE: 


A custom window box would be perfect for your bedroom or family room.Your Aunt or  Grandmother had a favorite Poem, Receipe, School Report Card, or something you knew she cherished. Gather ONE DOZEN items, small items.

Remembering her favorite: Color Sky blue, Banana Yellow or a Paisley print fabric. Your favorite store. EXAMPLE:             

Your local fabric store will have all sorts of notions : Fabric, Sewing Machines, Craft books, Sewing Ideas, and Books to help you with Inspirational  Ideas. The staff will also be very helpful to you.

You will NEED: Glue gun, Glue sticks, Favorite Fabric, Several Cherished  Items.

Measure your box and all the pieces that the fabric will be applied to. Now your glue gun and glue are ready for use. Glue down fabric to all pieces. Glue all of your cherished items down. You could stair step items or overlap items. Now you are ready to place windowbox in a very SPECIAL place.

 REMEMBER: NOT to place in DIRECT SUNLIGHT, it could fade out items or add EXTRA moisture to windowbox.

Now the World can know what a loving person you had in your life!!! That you'll always love and them in your heart forever.



This is ONE of my favorite crafts you can do with your family. Collect two or three dozen shirts or dresses. This would make a wonderful QUILT for you and your family members.

You would NEED: Sewing Machine, Thread, Needles, Batting, Scissors, Tape Measure, Pencil, and a Pattern for QUILT. (FOLLOW DIRECTIONS)

Depending on the size of Quilt, Twin, Double, Queen or King size, you may NEED several more SHIRTS or DRESSES.

Now that your quilt is ready, it will keep all the wonderful memories alive for you. When you see that red rose fabric or blue stripped fabric, it will remind you of that special vacation in Aspen or the Florida beaches. When you or your family member wrap up in the quilt, they to can relive the memories and have dreams of their loving FAMILY. 








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