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 On This page You'll About OIL......Facts......Why DO WE ALL NEED THIS COMMODITY ???


One 42 Gallon barrel of "OIL" Creates 19.4


Gasoline. The rest (Over Half) is used to make things like:

Solvents, Ink, Upholstery, Bicycle Tires, Dress, Cassettes, Motorcycle Helmet, CD Player, Curtains, Vitamin Capsules, Dashboards, Putty, Percolators, Skis, Tool Racks, Speakers, Denture Adhesive, Tennis Rackets, Nylon Rope, Antifreez, Clothes, Heart Valves, Enamel, Anestetics, Dentures, Refrigerator, Cold Cream, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Floor Wax, Sweaters, Sport Car Bodies, Tires, Calking, Faucet Washers, Food Preservatives, T.V. Cabinet, Slacks, Toilet lids, Linoleum, Crayons, Ballons, Model Cars, Dishes, Purses, Antiseptics, Fertilizers, Aspirin, Artificial limbs, Soap, Paint, Dice, Golf Bags, Tool Boxes, Basket Balls, Panty Hose, Rubbing Alcohol, Insect Repellent, Aspirin, Awnings, Sun Glasses, Oil Filters, Glycerin, Bearing Grease, Insecticides, Perfumes, Shoe Polish, Clothesline, Footballs, Football Cleats, Fishing Lures, Linings, Electrical Tape, House paint, Lipstick, Shower Curtains, Ammonia, Cameras, Telephones, Eye Glasses, Synthetic Rubber, Refrigerant, Shoes, Paint Brushes, Parachutes, Shaving Cream, Toothpaste, Epoxy, Shag Rugs, Pillows, Luggage, Candles and so much MORE.  




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