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 Saving your Money, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly

Remember: Add to your Saving Account, Weekly. $52.00; Save $208.00 Monthly; Save $2,500.00 Yearly;  Save $25,000.00 10 Years. So Let's Start SAVING.


The best financial websites, books, Magazines, Journals, and Organizations....we cite thousands of sources of the best finance information from from around the world,...the best websites, the most informative books, magazines, journals and the approach to corporate Integrity using knowledge Management....Dale Neef....


Never, never borrow MONEY from ANY TITLE LOAN BUSINESSES. You could LOSE your TITLE to your CAR. It is NOT WORTH it. They want you to PAY BACK the LOAN by the end of ONE MONTH. So if you borrowed $1,000.00, your financing could be $250.00 or MORE. If you don't have the $1,250.00 saved up. You have to PAY $250.00 every month until the LOAN is PAID in FULL. Save up the MONEY for the merchandise that you would like. You NEED your VEHICLE every day of the YEAR for your family and yourself!!




You can save money in several ways. Taking the time to cut out coupons in newspapers, magazines or on the internet.   Organizers are great  for storage of coupons.  Keeping coupons organized after you clipped them out, will help with overspending on groceries.





Deals on meals. Here's how to serve up a discount at a nice restaurant in the city of your choice.   The site guarantees DISCOUNTS of at least 50% OFF at more than 15,000 Restaurants.   This aggregator offers deals at restaurants, retailers and even other Discounts.    Buy with a group and get a discount du jour.    As with Groupon, this site invites you to join a group to get the deal of the day.    Notifies shoppers of online Discounts. Subscribers tailor their accounts to include preferred brands, sizes, and mail delivery days (Monday and Thursday are Best). The site then dispatches regular customizes e-mails, complete pictures of sale items. Clicking on a photo will take to their website.  Shopping site that OFFERS 70% OFF. E-Mails remind users of upcoming sales, which usually start at noon eastern time-the GREAT deals sell out within hours.

Saving money on CABLE TV. ONLY PURCHASE  the BASIC CABLE. Don't PAY for cable channels you're not watching.      You can JOIN and PAY $8.00 a month and watch unlimited movies. You may like to watch old movies or comedy movies. Their are several different kinds of movies to watch. You can also go to this website,   I have listed on entertainment and several FREE MOVIES to view with your family and friends.

***************************************************************************************** Lunch Break

When you go to WORK you should pack a LUNCH. A 12 inch sandwich at subway, chips and a drink is about $8.00 a MEAL. You can buy a loaf of bread, lunch meat, cheese, chips and fruit for a week. Your bread, lunch meat, chips, drink, mayonnaise, mustard, tomato, lettuce, cheese, salt, and pepper. These ingredients may cost you, (depending what state your in) $17.00. This would be for 1 WEEK. If you ate at SUBWAY for a WEEK, your COST would be App.$ 56.00. For 1 year of bringing your lunch to work would be $884.00. If you ate out at SUBWAY for a year, it would be $2,912.00.

So taking your LUNCH to WORK would SAVE you and your family a lot of MONEY. So let's START taking our lunch to work. The difference is $ 2,028.00. You and your family can take a WEEKEND TRIP by the MONEY you SAVED on LUNCHES FOR 1 YEAR.


Saving MONEY on GAS for your VEHICLES. Go to your local vehicle repair shop, Regularly. Regular service can reduce COSTLY REPAIRS in the future. Check your Thermostat, Spark Plugs, Oil, Transmission Fluid, Air Filter, Tires, Windshield Wipers & Chipped Glass. Keeping your VEHICLE in working order help you in the long run.

*****************************************************************************************      This Government website is good to go to and LEARN about Electrical NEEDS.    

Electric Bill: Starting by Turning OFF your LIGHTS when your not using them.Turn OFF the Television, when your not watching it.Turning your Thermostat or program your thermostat to a HIGHER setting.

REMEMBER: Replace your OLD LIGHT BULBS with with Energy Saving Bulbs. You could change out the 6 most used BULBS.

Replacing your Appliances when there OLD. Replacing Appliances when there 10 Years or Older can HELP. Like your Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Washer, Dryer or A/C, Heating Unit and Water Heater.

Change out your Shower Head for a very, very low flow model.

Remember: When washing the Laundry, cut down washing clothes with HOT WATER. Use COLD if POSSIBLE.

Water Heater: Replace water heater every 5-10 years or when NEEDED.

Air LEAKING through your Exterior Shell and Interior Ductwork is a BIG FACTOR. If you live in Mobile home, check Air Conditioning Ducts under house. Animals can tear or try to get into ducts or your home for safety.

Adding MORE Insulation in your interior walls or attic. Check with your state to see the amount of INSULATION your HOME NEEDS.


Remember to check your roof.

Adding Guttering to your house can help with the Foundation of your home.

Painting  the Exterior & Interior of your home, helps with wood from not wanting to rot. Painting your home is also eye appealing for and your neighbors. When Painting your home, REMEMBER NOT to FORGET to CALK around your Doors, Windows and Between woodwork of your home.

Go to                                   there are several more places you can check out. Look up INFORMATION on the INTERNET, PHONEBOOK, or you could call Information on the phone.

Purchasing BOOKS from              You would want to purchase a book that TELLS you about HOME REPAIR. Repairing some of your home repairs can help your HOME stay up to date.




 Knowing your family Medical coverages, Optical, Dental will help your knowledge throughout your medical needs.  United States, health Care Information (Great Web Site)  Information for the United States, Government Health Agencies.    United States, Medical Agencies.    United States, federal Web site , you'll find links to state Medicaid Chip programs. Just enter the name of your state in the search box.   United States,this department of Labor site has consumer information on COBRA, including the temporary subsidy. United States,  families USA, a health-advocacy group, provides links to state programs to help the uninsured and unemployed find coverage.   United States, medicare's extensive web site includes interactive tools to help you compare and select Part D prescription-drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans in your area.  United States, this comprehensive site, maintained by the nonprofit Medicare Rights Center, can help you understand and sort your medicare options.  United States,the national Association of Insurance commissioners has to links to every state's insurance department. Click on Consumers.  United States, this nonprofit Web site links to drug-company Patient assistance programs as well as to state Medicare and CHIP programs.

 Medical Coverage- Ask for a new copy every year so you'll know about changes in your plan. If your company has an intranet, you might also be able to find it on there. You are entitled by LAW to both documents. Study your POLICY,review your coverage every year. Plan ahead for your families coverages.

 United States:  To FIND out whether you are entitled to extra government HELP. If your income meets certain guidelines (they vary by state), you might qualify for help with paying all or part of your Medicare costs, including help with Part D drug plan. Your State Health Insurance Assistance Program, a free Medicare-Medicaid counseling services, can help you determine your eligibility. To find your state's program.


Setting up your financial future:  Here are popular Web sites, these web sites will help you keep track of your money. 


         Colleges/Universities   Listing of Colleges and Universities. United States.

              College Search

         Request Free Information from Colleges & Universities in your area.

      College Directories

         College Directory Network is yhe largest directory of colleges online, featuring 8,464 colleges with 13,245 campes offering 308,256 programs in 51 states.


         Directory of Colleges and Universities in the United States of America.

          College Directory USA.




           Use a College Grant to Help Pay For your Degree. Request Free Information!!!

             Million of Government Grants & Million of Government Grants & Financial Aid for Needy Student ! Apply Today!!!

              Register for 1000s of College Grants and Scholarships.

                    Valuable Tips on Getting Accepted ,Financial Aid, scholarships & More.


                Realtors Directory
        Search 46,800 Realtors, Real Estate Brokers, and Real Estate Agents.  


 Realtors, Real Estate, Find a Realtors or other Estate  Broker, Agent or Sales Person.

    How to Buy a House with Bad  Credit        

       How to Buy a House- Guide for first time Home Buyers    

  Buy a House with NO MONEY DOWN a Complete Guide


              Repossessed Vehicle

      How to Buy a Repossessed Vehicle  


                           Military Surplus

   How to Buy a Military Surplus Vehicle.


                      How to Buy a NEW CAR

      How to Buy a New Car offers tips, tricks and advice on how to get the best deal on a new vehicle.    

 Car Buying Tips, New Car Buying guide, avoiding dealer Scams.      


                           Kelly Blue Book


    10 Steps to Buying a Used Vehicle. Read these Tips Today!!!          


              Certified Pre Owned Vehicle

How to Buy a Cerified Pre-Owned Vehicle. 


                        MotorCycle Parts

                  Finding Carburators, Brakes, Wheels, and MORE. Is the source for performance parts with same day shipping.

                    Great DEALS for Motorcycle Parts. Fast Shipping.


Motorcycle Parts Super Store carries motorcycle parts for all motorcycles... Fuel System Parts, Intake Parts, Service Manuals, Power Commanders, Suspension Parts, and MORE.



*****************************                   Smart Money is GREAT for viewing on the Internet or Reading their magazine while your relaxing on Sunday afternoon. There is a lot of Information on the Internet/Magazine. You and your family can LEARN about Investing, Bonds, Economy, ETfs, Market Update, Mutual Funds, Short Term Investing, Stocks, Autos, Budgeting, Deals, For the Home, Rip- Offs, Technology, Travel, Bank Notes, College Planning, Debt, elder Care, Employment, Estate Planning, Health Care, Insurance, Marriage/Divorce, Real Estate, Retirement Taxes, Life Plan,  Smart Money on Facebook, Smart Money on Twitter, 10 Things, World's Greatest Investors and So Much MORE. You can call and talk to someone at their company. They would be very Helpful with you in providing information on your Financial Investments. Their Company is very Knowledgeable in HELPING YOU plan for your Financial Future. Peace of Mind. 


Jonathan Dahl, Editor in Chief. You can find him at  jdahl@smartmoney      Always Ready For A Helping Hand.

*****************************************************************************************                   To run your own stock screen.This website is very informative.

*****************************************************************************************                 Personal Finance. Investing, Taxes, Insurance, Family Finance, Living, Retirement & Your Business. You LEARN about: Basics- Investing, Taxes, Credit/Debt, Money Management, Insurance, Retirement &  Estate Planning.

How much Life Insurance to get???

Retirement Savings Calculator.

Best Times Of The Year To Buy.

Credit Card Payoff. Calculator.

Tax Withholding, Calculator.

Measure Your Risk Tolerance.

Kiplinger's is Your Guide To Making your personal/business affairs more meaningful for you and your family.


                 "Make 48.00 Hour"


                               Day Trading                                                       Day Trading refers to the practice of buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day such that all postings are usually closed before the market.....         Day trading strategies for beginningers.         Stock trading and day trading portal, after hours trading.             How to be a Day Trader online stock trading, tracking, tools.........




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1. Isn't a bigger refund better? Article Controls email print reprint newsletter comments (2) share Digg It! yahoo Facebook Twitter Reddit rss Yahoo! BuzzThe simple answer is "no." The important line on your tax return is the "Tax Liability" line, not the "Refund or Balance Due" line. A smaller tax liability is always better. Taxpayers should plan to minimize their tax, not maximize their refund. Example: Jonathan and James each have federal tax calculated to be $12,000 on their tax returns. Jonathan receives a $500 refund and James receives a $2,000 refund. Who made out better? Jonathan, with his $500 refund. They both paid the same in federal taxes, but Jonathan had $12,500 withheld and James had $14,000 taken out of his pay. Jonathan had use of his money throughout the year, and did not provide the government with an interest-free loan. James gave the government an interest-free loan of his money, while he paid for a motorcycle repair on his credit card at 17% interest.

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