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 Traveling: Everything you and your family need to know about Car Rental, Maps, Weather, Where to find gas throughout the United States, Kennels, Restaurants, Airfare, Cruises, Tips on Traveling and so much more.


Let's go "Traveling"...Texas--California--New York--Italy--Greece..... 



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I am going to tell you of some places W. J. III and I have traveled. I will also show you pictures of some of the places we have traveled.

Remember: When traveling through small towns , do not drive your vehicle beyond the speed limit. Small towns sometimes use the money from the fines for their community.

Remember: Have your vehicle tuned up before your vacation. Make sure your tires are suitable for the trip. The engine is in working order and a FULL tank of gas.


Remember: When traveling in your vehicle Inspection Sticker and Registration Sticker is up to DATE.


Remember: Make sure the VEHICLE INSURANCE in paid up to date. The INSURANCE CARD is in your car. 

Remember : When planning your trip, locally or abroad, you need to make a list of:  Hotels/Motels, Camping Sites, Fueling Your Vehicles, Restaurants, find out about the weather ahead of time. Maps/Directions, Make sure your Vehicle is in working order, and Entertainment.


The Chamber of Commerce or Welcoming Center will have all kinds of information on Events, Restaurants, Shopping, Lodging, and Entertainment. The staff of the Chamber of Commerce or Welcoming Center will be very helpful to you and your family.

Remember:  Have your mail temporally put on hold at the Post Office. You may like to have a TRUSTED neighbor pick up your mail, daily.

Remember: Have a Trusted Family member or trusted neighbor to check on your home and garage. Your yard and plants may need watering daily. 

Remember: If you and your family have pets, call the local Veterinary. Your pets may need their shots & rabies. Make sure there up to date. Your Vetenary may have some Kennels Available, so your pet can stay there. While you and your family are vacationing.


       Answers to your pet care, pet health problems. Safe, natural and effective veterinary solutions for your dog health, dog care, cat care, cat health and cat care problems.


            Official site of Veterinary Pet Insurance, the nations trusted choice for dog and cat insurance. 1 million pets already insurance VPI.

             International Veterinary Clinic Directory.Vet Clinic- Find Vet.- veterinary help- veterinary Medicine- Listing of World wide Veterinary Clinic           www.hotfrog/Pruducts/       Online Veterinarian Resources and Vet. Feline and More.

When traveling, Cash is good to: Remember to keep in a SAFE place. When purchasing merchandise, pull out money in small amounts. You don't know who could be watching you and your MONEY. SO BE CAREFUL!!!

When traveling through the states or abroad, you'll want to purchase some keep sakes.


When you don't want carry CASH on you, TRAVELERS CHECKS are GREAT

            Travelers checks allow you to travel overseas and cary as much money as you need to, cover expenses on your trip. AAA member can purchase traveler check at your local AAA.                     How to Buy A travelers Check. 

When you TRAVEL abroad, you'll NEED a PASSPORT







These credit cards are great to on hand, so keep credit cards in a SAFE place.


          New/Lost Passports and Renewels. Same Day 24 Hour service. Nationwide.

          Toll free # 877-932-7277 (50 States)          

                                   (NY Passport Agency)      212-634-9305

          Rush Passport Service $49.00. Fast, reliable U.S. passport service, 24 Hours service is AVAILABLE.

 There are a lot of RESTAURANTS to choose from. 


          This is a Wonderful web site. You can look up anything. Restaurants, Movies or Mechcanics. What ever it may be that you need, you'll find it in the      




                 Local restaurant finder for causal  and fine dining, pizza delivery and food delivery services plus we offer discount coupons for many restaurants throughout the United States.                             

When Traveling through the United States, There are several Gas Stations to Fuel up your Vehicles.

        Gas Station Directory. Find a GAS STATION in your area....Browse to your state below  to find a list of gas stations ans service.

           Your Guide to local Gas Stations, Maps, Review & More!

                Full Service Stations Nationwide Directory.


 When thinking of traveling: map out your destination, hotel or motel accomidations, restaurants, entertainment and vehicle rentals. Doing so, will help you and your family have a more pleasant time.

 When you and your family are traveling through the states, remember to get your maps and directions ahead of time. I have found you some web sites that will help you with your traveling needs.



When traveling abroad or locally: Remember to check on the weather. I am going to list some weather web sites you and your family can visit and view together.




 I will be listing some web sites that will HELP you and your family with your traveling needs.      Hotels, Rental Cars, Flights, Vacations, Cruises

           Flight Deals


          Flights, Hotels, Rental Cars, Vacation Pkgs., Cruises, Activities, Price breaker deals, City Guides, and rewards Groups.

           Hotels, Flights, Cars, Vacation Packages

             Hotels, Travel Agents, Car Rentals, Romantic Weekend Getaways, Discounted Round trip, and Flights

           Argentina Travel, Vacation Tourism Flights, and Travel Information.

                            Car Rental


        Car Rental


        Super Cheap Car Rental Rates.


           $13.95 A DAY Car Rentals.


       300 Independent car rental agencies in over 100 countries.


          A Directory of Car Rentals Services.


           A complete United States festivals guide featuring  dates, venues, contact information, and more for festivals in the United States.


            Festival Finder is the Most exentensive guide to upcoming music festivals in the United States and to upcoming music festivals in the United States and Canada. Search by genre, performer, location, date festival name and more.


         Discover America provides a list of festivals & events in the United States Information on festivals, fairs, and events.  



                  Gorp provides all you need to know for your next hiking adventure, from day hikes your favorite state park to multi-hikesacrocc Nepal. Plus, an in-depth hiking.

              Hiking and backpacking tips and information. You don't have to be a wilderness survival expert to off tramping into the woods, but a person need to have a sound grounding for the basics.

                Hiking Tips-Top Hiking Trails-Hiking Apparel-Hiking Gear.

                       Good Sams


           Official Site: Save at over 1,600 Good Sam RV Parks - US and Canada.

                 Directory Camping

           National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds with a directory of over 3000 RV Parks and Campgrounds.

         National Rv Parks Campgrounds, RV Parks and Recreational Vehicle Resorts and Dealers.

                Campers Choice.


                Tents, Sleeping Bags, Cots, Lights,Knives,  Tools, Outdoor Cooking, Two Way Radios, Outdoor furnishings, Outdoor Games, Toys and More


Lakes:       Fishing and Boating maps for the most Popular lakes throughout the United States. Waterproof & Tear proof. Computer based CD-ROM software for trip planning and tournament records.     This is a list of lakes in United States, grouped by state.


        Rivers of the United States.


             The national wild and scenic Rivers.


       List of Rivers of the United States.


                    Images of Rivers.

                      Travel Agents


       Let our Experts Plan The Perfect Vacation For You.

       Specialized travel agency (agencies) are just seconds away! Each certified travel agency is catergorized by specialty.


        Book with Expedia for Cheap Airfares & No Booking Fees.

           Find cruises starting at $49/Day. Plus No More Charge or Cancel Fees.

One of my travels, led us to the: Zion Canyon, it is located in Utah.   Headquarters: State Rte. 9, Springdale,UT. 84767.

Phone number: (435) 773-3256.   The park is open year-round. Call headquarters for weather conditions. Shuttle service on Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Pick up free shuttle in springdale or at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center. Shuttle runs April through October.

Established November 19,1919. 146,592 Acres. The scale is immense-sheer cliffs dropping 3,000 feet, massive buttresses,deep alcoves. Nineteenth century mormon pioneers saw these sculptured rocks as the "natural temples of God." They called the canyon Little Zion after the celestial city. A million years of flowing water has cut through the red and white beds of Navajo sandstone that form the sheer walls of Zion. The geologic heart of the canyon began as a vast desert millions of years ago; almost incessant winds blew one dune on top of another until the sands reached a depth of more than 2,000 feet. You can still see the trach of these ancient winds in the graceful cross bedded strata of Zion's mighty cliffs. Zion canyon is usually viewed from the bottom up. The vertical topography confines most of Zion's 2.5 million yearly visitors between canyon walls.

 Bryce Canyon:  Is located in Utah. Established September 15, 1928. 35,835 Acres.

Headquarters: Bryce P.O.Box 640201, UT. 84764-0201. Phone number: (435) 834-5322.  

The park is open year-round. Roads may be closed due to snowstorms, short periods. Some spur roads closed in winter for cross-country skiing.Phone headquarters for information.

The park follows the edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. On the west are heavily forested tableslands more than 9,000 feet high; on the east are the intricately carved breaks that drop 2,ooo feet to the Paria Valley. Many ephemeral streams have eaten into the plateau, forming horse shoeshaped bowls. The largest and most striking is Bryce Amphitheater. Encompassing 6 square miles, it is the park's scenic heart. For million of years water has carved, as it continues to, Bryce's rugged landscape.




  Saint Augustine Florida is the oldest European city in the United States. The area was first sought after by Ponce de Lean in 1513, Juan Menendez de Aviles who established the first settlement, almost half a century before the first English settlers landed at Jamestown. The spanish sold Florida to America in 1821 and left the city.

When I was very young, I always wanted to visit St. Augustine, Florida. I finally did years later. I walked the grounds, the same earth that the early settlers walked and raised their chidren. I saw the grave sites of several members of their society of their time. Looking at the trees, flourishing flowers,and smelling the air of St. Augustine was just wonderful. The people were friendly to speak to. The restaurants had tasty meals.  I would like to invite you and your family to visit Florida, you'll have a memorable time there.    


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