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 On this page of this web site, I will HELP you with Basic Medicine and remember to read page and go to bottom of page,there are several web sites to view with your family.





 1.  Everyone needs a doctor. Even if you never get sick. Pick a doctor that you are comfortable with, that you can talk to. That you can tell her or him your most personal feelings to.

 2.   When you are sick, make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Water, juices and milk. This will help you from not getting dehydrated.

 3.   A normal temperature is 97.5 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone's temperature is lower in the morning and goes up slightly in the late afternoon.

 4.  Smoking is terrible for your body. It is a great idea to QUIT now, you'll save lots of money and live alot longer. Smoking robs the skin of oxygen and causes wrinkles.

 5.It takes about thirty minuents for sunscreen to soak in and work. Put it on  before you go into the sun. REMEMBER TO: reapply sunscreen every hour, if you decide to go into the water. If you have very fare skin, limit your time in the sun. Do not go into sun in the hottest part of the day.

 6.  If your PAIN keeps you up at night, go see your doctor in the morning.

 7.  If you are a woman over fifty, you should have a mammogram every year.

 8.  Walk with your shoulders back, your chest out, and your belly in. Good posture can help with back problems, and it also makes you feel better.

 9.  Always READ the labels on drugstore medicines.

 10. If you have high blood pressure, there are some things you can do to lower it yourself. Exercise regularly, cut down on salty foods, stop smoking, no alcohol, and RELAX! If these things don't help, see your doctor.

 11. Always, always finish your antibiotics, even if you begin to feel better. The bacteria you are trying to kill don't know that you feel better and may try to hang around longer.

 12. Even ten minutes of exercise is worth it. Do jumping jacks, run in place, or go up and down your stairs. Even five minutes will increase your metabolic rate enough to burn a few extra calories and make you feel better.

 13.  Burns that don't blister are not a big deal. After running cold water over your burn, cut an onion or apply ice or apply alavera on wound. This will prevent blistering. Remember: to rest and relax for the rest of the day.

 14.  If you feel dizzy when you stand up suddenly, this may mean you haven't been drinking enough fluids. If you are still dizzy after you've had lots of water, see your doctor.

  15.  If milk and ice cream give you gas or diarrhea, you probably have lactose  ( milk sugar) intolerance. This bothers about fifty million people in the  United States. Go see your doctor.

  16.  Sprained ankles are nasty injuries because the ligaments that hold the ankle together are strained. They can take up to six weeks to heal and feel stiff for about six months. So be careful while you are walking  or water that has been frozen on the path of walking. Running, hiking or climbing stairs  are great for exercise, just be careful.

  17.  Hypertension is just another word for high blood pressure. 

  18.  Rubbing alcohol is a very dangerous poison. Don't drink it.

  19.  Allergies are not contagious. 

   20. Two percent milk is high fat.

   21. If you have indigestion, both chocolate and mint may worsen your heartburn.

   22. If your headaches are associated with nausea and light hurts your eyes, you may have migraine headaches.

   23. Wear sunglasses with good ultraviolet (UV) protection; they can prevent cataracts and other eye problems when you're older.

   24. If you eat more fruits and vegetables, you will be less hungry for fatty foods.

  25. Your pharmacist is a great resource. Ask her all the questions you have about medications, especially over-the-counter ones. If necessary she will be happy to call your doctor to clear up any misunderstandings.

  26. Don't drink and drive.

  27. Conjunctivitis, or red eye, is contagious. Don't share washcloths or pillowcases, and wash your hands after touching your eyes.

  28. If your doctor recommends surgery, you must get a second opinion! It's done every day, don't worry about hurting his or her feelings.

  29. If you have round or oval spots with silvery scales on your elbows or the backs of your legs, you may have a skin disease called psoriasis. See your doctor.

  30. Migraines headaches often run in families.

  31. It turns out that people who eat mostly fruits,vegetables,pasta,and olive oil live a ling time. Use olive oil instead of butter ,and eat more with vegetables.

  32. Swollen glands in your neck are caused by a minor infection. These glands are part of the lymph system in your body that is responsible for draining away infection. When the glands become swollen, they are doing their job! If you notice sore glands in your neck or under your arms and you feel fine, don't worry! But if they last more than a week or two, see your doctor.

  33. If your teeth are sensitive to heat and cold, try the special toothpastes for sensitive teeth. If they still bother you, see your dentist.

  34. To get a cut to stop bleeding, apply direct, constant pressure for ten minutes, and elevate it if possible.

  35. The very best time to exercise is whenever you can.

  36. Sun worshipping causes skin cancer. It can kill you.

  37. All cuts cause scars.

  38. Alcohol is a dangerous. With long-term overuse, it causes liver disease, heart problems, and death.

  39. Broken toes are not usually set; they heal themselves. But they hurt a lot!

  40. Burns leave scars that can become worse if the burn gets infected.

  41. When should I go to the emergency room for stitches? If the cut is gaping open; If the cut is over a joint  and gaping open; If the cut is bleeding so much you can't stop it with direct pressure and numbness.

  42. When should I go to the emergency  room with dizziness? Always!

  43. If spicy foods bother your stomach, don't eat them. Remember, your body knows best!

  44.  How often do I need a tetanus shot? Every ten years if you don't have a new cut or burn. Every five years if you do have a recent cut or burn.

  45. head lice are tiny insects that look like little white specks  and live on the scalp. try a remedy from the drugstore but remember to treat everyone in the house. You must wash all the sheets,towels and remember treat the furniture. Wash linens in hot, hot water and use a hot dryer. Everything may need a second treatment. If the bugs don't go away, see your doctor.

  46. If you injure your elbow and it really hurts to move it, get an x-ray. Broken elbows are very, very painful and usually require a hard cast.

  47. Always keep sterile gauze pads, tape, and antibiotic ointment on hand to treat cuts.

  48. When you get your eyes checked,make sure your doctor checks for glaucoma. This is a especially common eye disease in older people.

  49. If you miss a period, you can try a home pregnancy test after it's a week late. If the test is positive, see your after it's a week late. If the test is negative, wait another week and try again. If it's still negative and you haven't gotten your period, see your doctor.

I am going to list some web sites you and family can go to and learn about your health.








          Learning about Local Hospitals, Hospital Jobs -Lists of Hospitals, Medical Jobs, Hospitals, Nursing Jobs, Healthcare Jobs, Children's Hospitals, Nursing Jobs, Local Jobs, and Medical Assistant.


              100 Best DOCTORS: MD Report- check for Disciplinary Actions, Certications, Backgrounds.       



                        Innovators in Patient Care. One of your TOP HOSPITALS.

                                Knowing About your Nursing Homes

                   Nursing Homes Ratings. Where are BEST & Worst Nursing Homes in your AREA.

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