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 I will be LISTING Anything FROM Recipes to Technology. I am going to make this section of Sharing Mary Jordan's Thoughts web site, Big Time Fun!!!



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impress printers:    Their printing business is located at- 1201 Lake Air Drive, Waco,Texas  76710. Bus.# 254 - 772- 7539 ; Fax # 254 - 776 - 0833. This is I like to GO to for my printing needs. They have the best atmosphere to visit. So please visit,call,fax or GO to their web site   Talk to Nancy Banks,Owner about all of your business or personal Printing. They would like to HEAR from YOU.



Brian Boyd Photography:    You can call him at 254-776-0124.



 Gary Sherrod is a PAINTER for the surrounding areas for Waco, Texas. He has been painting interior, exterior of homes and commercial property for over twenty years. He can match up almost any color. When was the last time you painted your front door a different color??? Gary Sherrod would like to hear of your painting needs, big or small.So lets get started on that Crimson RED or Sky BLUE Family room. His Business Number is: (254) 749- 4608


**********************************************************************************************************   Waco, Texas: This is GREAT place to SHOP!! There are several decorative designs to choose from, for your home or garden needs. It is one the largest consignment shops in the Waco area. Items include clothing, furniture, custom hand made items and their are several other things to shop for. One of my favorite scents of candles are: Circle E Candles, Bird of Paradise. Stop by and visit the friendly people. Please stop by: 




Waco,Texas: Collage Boutigue Casual Sophistation

OWNER: Janice Hale, her web site is

You'll Love her Apparal and Accessories. So PLEASE come her BUSINESS and Experience the Wonderful Atmosphere!!!



Waco,Texas: Qti Apparel and Promotions, 620 North Robinson Drive;Waco,Texas.    Carlton Crittenden 

Carlton Crittenden will help you in your promotional events, so please Go to his E-mail and talk to him, he will help you with your special events.


This is ONE of my Favorites Recipes:

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Ingredients: 1 cup of Mayonnaise, Dash of Salt, Dash of Pepper, Dash of Greek Seasoning, 7 or 8 Pecans (cut up small), 2 Apples (peel apples and cut  up apples in small pieces), 2 Cans of Boneless Chicken (large), 3 Eggs (boiled)

Mix all your Ingredients together and Put 2 Heeping Tablespoons of Mixture on Bread (two slices of bread)

NOW your READY to Serve  Your Sandwiches to your Guests or Family.

This will Make App. 8 Sandwiches. I just KNOW you'll love this Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe.



While M.P. and W.J.III, we were traveling through Natchez, Mississippi and stopped by a restaurant. The atmosphere was GREAT!!! The OWNER was very friendly and made you feel at HOME. So PLEASE stop by at: Pig Out Inn. The restaurant also has a variety of FOODS on their Menu. Whole Brisket, Whole Pork Shoulder, Whole Boneless Turkey, Hot Link Sausage, Pork Ribs- Rack, Smoked Baked Beans, Homemade    B-B-Q Sauce included.

You'll love their FOOD and Hospitality!!! 

Pig Out Inn: Two locations, Natchez, Mississippi- (601) 442-8050

Jackson, Mississippi 601-957-6467 




  WENDELL AND I we were in Natchez, Mississippi we Toured " Rosale" The Historic Home.

It was just wonderful, the employees were dressed in apparel of their day.

The furniture was lovely and the Grounds of the property was immaculate. The view of the Mississippi was Breath Taking. 

When we were walking through the house it made us feel like we were there with their families.

 Pictures of their Children were hung on the wall. If a child died, the parents added the picture of the deceased child in the photograph, so the photograph was complete with the entire family.

We were happy to have a chance to visit "Rosalie" it made our traveling feel complete.

We had a chance to relive in the Antebellum Era and experience the wonderful moment in time.

There are several Antebellum Homes to visit:

Auburn, Dunleith, House on Ellicott Hill, Stanton Hall, Longwood, Magnolia Hall, Melrose and Rosalie.

There are several points of interest to visit. Driving and Walking Tours.

Tickets to all  Antebellum Homes on tour may be purchased at the Visitor Reception Center. 

The historic houses listed , are subject to to seasonal changes.Dates and times open will vary for all homes during Spring and Fall Pilgrimages.

Natchez, Est. 1716   It's Want You Love About The South.



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