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World Leaders  sharing Empathy, Compassion, Knowledge, Understanding. 


Weblinks on World Leaders Women and Men Around The "World".                     Top World's top 30 Leadership professionals for 2013....Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business week best-selling author, and is www....His 18 books, include International bestseller Leading change and followed up by, or......Business Week Magazine rated Kotter #1 Leadership Guru in "America" Based.... obama_names_his_world_leader_bestbuddies      Obama names his World Leader Best Buddies.


http://www.infoplease>People>WomensofInfluence The following table lists the current and historical female political leaders of the countries of the world, according to country name, women's name, political title,...                             Presidents, prime ministers, dictators and leaders of the world. List of current and historical world presidents by country and alphabetically. World Presidents Database. Famous Political Leaders- Famous Leaders. List of World Famous......Presenting biographical sketch of some of the most famous political leaders of all times. Biographies of these leaders trace their life history, work....           CIA Database of "World" Leaders is updated weekly.                     This database was complied in an effert to identify and chronicle the live of 20 th century men and women whose business leadership shaped the way people live, work...,29569,1984685,00.html In our annual time 100 issue we name the people who most affected our world... Leaders Luiz Inacio, Lula da Silva, J. T. Wang, Addmiral Mike Mullen, Barack......             Greatest people in the world. Countries around the world have been holding contest to name their....Mahatma Ghandi, India's leading independence leader and "father of the nation"....      Name Database. The names "Database" is a social network, owned and operated by United Online....than 50 "People Million", ranging from world leaders to high school students.                                           PMDB Database configeration P6verb. The World Leader in Planning..........          Top 100 Websites.                            List of current presidents, prime ministers, dictators, and leaders of the world currently in power.

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