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Your Home is where you feel the most comfortable. You can be yourself. You, if you would like you can wear make-up, you can. If not, you can go natural. It's all up to you. Ask yourself a question, where can I find inspiration. My thoughts led me to a memory when I was a child, my grandmother's house. My thoughts of how it smelled of fresh flowers and homemade cobblers and chocolate cookies. In the backyard, the family pet playing in the grass. I loved watching television with my grandmother, the old movies, watching the way the houses looked. Everything looked so perfect. The gardens were a thing of beauty.I can remember the furniture placement, the color of paint, the wonderful collections displayed, the natural elements brought into the home, looking at the mantle made you feel restful with favorite items placed in such in a way. The whole feeling of the homes made you feel at ease.


I knew when I grew up I wanted my home and garden,to have that same warm special feeling. I began readind books, watching movies, went to antique sales, estate sales, auctions, flea markets, swap meets, thrifts stores, resale shops, consignment shops, and researched home and garden on the internet. 


The feel of inspiration, creativity and tranquility is everywhere, it's the way something makes you feel, in your mind or in your soul.


You may have a favorite antique lamp, your grandmothers handkerchief, a cherished photograph or a flourishing flower. You can place items on windowsill, entry table, coffee table, in your garden or anyplace that makes you feel at ease.


One Sunday afternoon I was watching my favorite old movie, I noticed an emerald green couch in the living room and an umbrella that had jeweled colors on it. The emerald  green and jeweled colors made me think of a rainbow that I saw after the rain last week. These colors inspired me to, make my home and garden feel more alive and revamp the the tired livingroom/family room, home office, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and garage. So I began thinking of brighter colors for the walls of the the home. The emerald green color and jeweled colors became my painting pallet. I painted the entry room and family room the emerald green color and I painted the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets the jeweled colors. Like Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, and accented with a soft Ivory color.


All the colors brightened the home and I could start the day earlier. I also started putting fresh flowers on display in the rooms. I opened the windows in the room and let the fresh air come into the home. All the elements of GOD were in the home, like the country smell of the air,  the bright sunlight and the wonderful smells of wild flowers were so scented with fragrance. When you and your family walk around the home, it will make you feel more alive and at peace with yourself. It made me want to start to SMILE more and have more friends and family around ME. So lets begin painting your homes with fresh new colors.  








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